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Glansa’s Business Services understand these business priorities and helps organizations transition from operational excellence and SLAs to real-time decision making. We help organizations in not only managing risks and business outcomes effectively but also delivering a consistent and best-in-class end-customer experience. Business Process Automation involves the identification, analysis, design and execution, helping in the improvement of business processes. We believe in continuous process management, as well as continuous process improvement.

We have adopted the latest trends, methodologies, and technologies like Azure cloud, Angular JS, Mobile technologies, .Net, Opensource frameworks, Agile methodologies along with daily scrums to build more transparency.

We picked unfinished projects, in midst of project lifecycles and completed them. Picked projects with numerous Bugs and re-engineered to almost bug free. We have rebuild applications, which can be scalable.

Effectively transform manual processes into automated processes with improved business capabilities. Reduce process Turn-around Time (TAT) as well as save costs by mitigating redundancies or wastes Increase customer reach through omni-channel presence.

We will give you an initial take to your business and you will be ruling over it.

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Glansa is a globally recognized for its Business and Technology Solutions.We provide all the cooperate solutions i.e., Designing, Development, Branding through a deep industry experience and help the clients to create successful and adaptive Business !!

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