Andon System Wi-Fi Configuration Setup

1. Power on the product and access WiFi settings on your device.
2. Connect to “AutoconnectAP” from the available networks list.
3. Open your device’s browser and enter to configure settings.
4. Enter your company’s WiFi username in the “SSID” field and WiFi password in the “Password” field.
5. Save the settings and let the product reconnect to your company’s WiFi network.

Access to Centralized Application

1.Go to Andon application using as per your domain.
2.Enter ADID and password.
3.After successful login, a Scanner will open.
4.Scan the Andon JIG QR code available on your Andon device using the scanner.
5.The Andon app will open automatically after scanning

Access ANDON Services

1. Upon Logging in to your application.
2. Click on “Raise Andon.”
3. Fill in the necessary details.
4. Submit your query.

5. Once the Query is Submitted
6. Scheduler automatically raises query to Andon box.
7. No manual action required.
8. If there is no status update, an automatic email notification is sent.

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