Website is an 24/7 online partner of any company. It is an medium to showcase or present your company, services or products to the best of your vision. A Successful website will lead you to a successful business.
Follow this most important tips to make your website a Successful one.

1.Time Matters, your website should not take more time to load, the user may lose interest if your website takes more than 10 seconds to load. Site speed matters !! Make sure your website loads quickly, also because google admires it. Watch out for bugs that do not let your website load fast that could be any unwanted plugins or it can be the framing the website is coded, use the latest framework that could be laravel or ajax.
2. Save it from Hackers : Security from programmers is imperative. You may lose your enormous site if you don’t have any security. Luckily nowadays, programmed reinforcements is also available. Additionally never pick a web host that hasn't got 24/7 live support you may require assistance it at point when things turn sour.
3 Always utilize a .com and unless there truly is no option don't utilize a DASH/Hyphen in the middle of words in an area name.
4. Do not let your Website Break, Websites do break ! In some cases for what will show up no reason, content in the pages and images break. This could be a result of some contention with a portion of the plugins or it could be an server issue always serve all your content in https and fix the links. Uninstall unwanted plugins if you owe an wordpress website it will notify you that an certain plugin is not compatible with the website and it’s better you uninstall it.
5. Build an Email list from the very first moment, Take your company emails and start using them.
6. Responsive Designs : A responsive design is the one that changes according to the users behaviour, the size of the website should change according to the size of the screen for an responsive design the website should be crafted using CSS3 or W3C media with compatible grids and images. A responsive design should be a mixture of images and layouts. The website should be designed by keeping its functionality and responsiveness as a priority.
7. Mobile Friendly : Make your website a mobile friendly one, you may start a website keeping the look and working under an computer but only 25% of people use computer to view your website the other 75% use Mobile. Do not make your website break or look in appropriate for the user to have a view in the mobile, Here again comes an responsive design. Some of the website display with desktop size even in mobile phone it's very clumsy for an user to view. Also make sure you do not put bigger ads that may irritate an user.
8. Content is the King : What makes an user engage in your website is the content. Business website, Entertainment website,Event management website or an Ecommerce website, irrespective of what type of business or website you have an user should be engaged and satisfied by the content. It can be the information provided or queries answered or any advice given the user should be guided with an clear content. The information provided should be unique and impressive.
9. Social Media : Facebook, Twitter and Pick one and rule it. Social media will give an exposure to your business,Engage your social media on your website. Alternately on the other hand employ somebody to take care of your web-based social networking and make them in charge of the result. Plan a strategy calculate the results and plot a graph of users engagement
1. List your Goals and objectives, Setting up your objective is vital. Pen down of all that you need from your site. Make a rundown of inquiries like what sort of site you need to outline, why you are planning the site, what results you anticipate from that web and some more. Distinguishing your objectives and arranging a system as indicated by those objectives is the initial step of your successful Website.
2. Designs: The designs of the website play a vital role,create an look that grabs the user’s attention. Choose perfect mixture of colours that goes well with the theme. Give the user an Wow feeling ! At the same time do not use bright dark colours that makes your website look overrated. Choose decent colours that mixes best with your designs.
3. Title, Name, logo and slogan of your site will dominate your website. Make sure to have the best of it. The Name logo or the tag line should be based on the objectives. Make sure you have an catchy domain name and tagline that adds value to your title.
4. Target the Audience on your website basis, After your website fulfills all the requirements the next step is marketing, Digital Marketing will help your website or business gain visibility digitally. Do not use only one source for traffic utilize social media, email marketing, video, graphics everything for better results also to track which suits best for your business. The main advertising essential for a business site is to decide your important partners interest group whom you hope to visit your site. Certainly, numerous sites exist in web without having target group of audience., arrange your intended interest group, make a list of Keywords , search for the services they will look furthermore look at whether the plan and visuals of your site are reasonable for that intended interest group or not.
5. Test your Designs : Test your designs before you throw it to the audience, Testing is very important part of any website, before you complete any website or any project make sure the website is working accordingly without any errors.
Website Hosting : It's important to choose the best hosting required for your website. Choose an web hosting that gives you 24/7 support for your website. try to know your web hosting needs trustworthy and uptime know more about upgrading options, need to check hosting features,hosting control panel
Follow the Trend : Make a note whether website is having all the latest features as per the latest trends with the latest technologies like an call to action button, a live chat support, navigation etc.., all the things that gives an customer an ease to reach you.

Note down the outcome of every strategy and graph more for better results.These were some of the essential tips for a successful website. The web will have lot more follow this tips for a successful website.Also comment below if you have more tips that you think are important.

We will give you an initial take to your business and you will be ruling over it.