The next comes the Online Marketing and online marketing is immensely boundless.
So what is the definition of Online Marketing, a simple definition is a marketing effort to reach people through the internet. If you read my previous blog you will get the difference.
So the Online marketing has 7 key elements that we will study deeply in the Blog. But first, let’s list out the seven of them with a brief idea of it.
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The second most popular word after Digital Marketing that blows the mind is “Search Engine Optimisation” What’s the big deal about SEO ? Yes, the Deal is big and the result and outcomes are also big. You can sit in your living room with your and earn thousand dollars from your Blogs. You need no networking for it, who cares if you’re not an extrovert ? The scenarios are changed even Introverts can be a internet hero !

Search engine marketing (SEM) :

This term you may be not familiar with it unless you are a marketing nerd, Search engine Marketing is paid version of SEO !
It's a way to spend money instead to sit and do the hard work to optimise the website to rank first in the organic search !
For an example, if you type Digital Marketing courses on Google you may the first three or four results you get from Google are Ads.
That is “ Search engine Marketing ” You are marketing your product on a search engine. This burns a lot of money but is very effective, 50 to 60 % of the clicks will for the top 2 results.
The return on investment on SMM is high.

Content marketing

Many of the phrases “ Content is King ” and “ Content is God ” are true until you put in little efforts that require forming a great content.
What is that you can do to create a content that an user can't resist without sharing it ? If your content suffers from getting the worth visitors it’s not your mistake. Take a guide from the famous Bloggers, did they get visibility because they use high-end content ? No !
Did you know 60% of the people do not get the definitions given by Wikipedia ? The fact is it’s explanation has too harsh words that are difficult to understand. Infact people who come to search one definition start searching the meanings of the words used in the definition and forget what actually you were looking for. Did it happen with you ?
Give your visitors an ease to read the content with required information and facts. Get started with Keywords, and learn to do keyword research and using them in the content.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media Marketing is like a Ghost , never leaves you wherever you go ! The growth of social media in the previous years is very vast, Perhaps ! the future of social media is very scary.
There are hundreds of social Media networks or platforms till date. Also, social media has a lot of scope in marketing. When we talk about social media Facebook tops the list till date.
Consider any of the social media facebook, twitter youtube, Instagram, snapchat, Pinterest,Vine etc etc
Use social media like common sense, you just cannot post a long blog on facebook. who would be interested to read it? Instead, post a blog link. You may bear it on facebook sometimes, but imagine who would read your long post on Instagram ? Do not trouble your visitors, Make is short and simple for them.
Follow a strategy for social media marketing, for example if you look at Instagram’s popular page with more than 10 million followers “ The Good Quote ” You notice the consistency the page has maintained with similar kind of images and fonts that maintains unique recognition. single line description always appreciated.
Next is social media ads is add-on for online marketing, facebook ads are very effective. If you owe an page of any product or company or any entertainment page and start a facebook advertisement. It will be displayed only to the targeted people if you ad is any lakme cosmetic it will only appear for girls or women as a normal post in the news feed, and will be redirected to the page on clicking. The reach of facebook ads is also high also Instagram has certain ads that appear similar to post show slides or an video particular apps or any a catalogue of online dresses. Whatever social platform you use, You should rule it !
Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) : You should pay for each click you get on your advertisement.
What it sounds similar to like SEM ? yes, it is.
But Pay per click is not only present search engine but also, facebook, twitter,youtube and instagram also have such ads. In fact, PPC is so relevant it never shows you anything unrelated, that diabetic patient may think why the hell are you marketing a chocolate ad to him ?He doesn't care if it has caramel or vapour or nuts ! It's useless unless a kid or teenager watches the ad and get excited to try it for the next time. So make a smart move on the advertisement, know your audience.
You can use AdEspresso a facebook manager ads guide.

Affiliate Marketing

Are you familiar with it ? Or it just came to existence in your list ? Either ways ! Let me tell you Affiliate marketing in a simple way, Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people or company or products.
You find a product you like, promote it to others, and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make is Affiliate marketing.
Let's take an example Imagine you go to restaurant for the first time and eat the yummiest food ever, it's obvious that you would tell it to your friend.
You’re friend visits the restaurant as you referred him and enjoys the food.
The next time you visit the restaurant you get a special discount for referring, you save $5 or you earn $5 by referring.
Have you ever used websites that give you coupons or vouchers for food, KFC or Dominos or cosmetics any other website that gives you 50 % cashback for online shopping ?
Do you wonder what would they get when they promote other brands ?
Other than ads on the website that generate revenue they get some percentage of each product they sell through their website.

Email marketing

E-mail Marketing is one among the oldest practices used in Online Marketing and it still works.
The first step in email marketing is to get the subscribers after which you can engage your subscribers to change them to your customers. How will email marketing be effective if its done in a right way ?
How often do you change your email id? Or do you really change your email id ? It's such a pain to create an email and to remember the password of several email id’s. 6 out of 10 people do not change the email ids, so your list of email ids is safe.
Next step when you have the email addresses of subscribers is to know your subscribers , before you mail them know them because you are doing a direct communication to your future customers or present customers.

We will give you an initial take to your business and you will be ruling over it.