Digital Marketing, You might have heard this term often creating a buzz in Business meetings or Corporate events and stuff or if you are a student, you might have heard the scope of Digital Marketing in your career.
So what did you do next ? Quickly type Digital Marketing on google and here is what you get “Digital marketing is an umbrella term for the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium.” from Wiki
Ugh ! Is this very complex to understand??
Don’t you worry keep reading my blog will guide you further for a complete idea of Digital Marketing. So, let's get started ! What hits your mind when you hear Digital Marketing?
A billboard with an ad or poster ? an ad on your computer or mobile phone? a newspaper ad ?
All this also comes under marketing . isn’t it ? Yes, of course, they do come. Then what is Digital Marketing ? Go get a clear picture let's segregate, Digital and Marketing. Let’s take the second word first “ Marketing ” what is Marketing ?
In a simplified way “Marketing is the act of promoting, selling products or services to the customer's clients or companies”
The First word “Digital ” Digital describes any type of electronic technology.
Combine the words Digital And Marketing what definition can you get ?
In simple way “ Marketing of any product company of services through any electronic device” isn’t that simple ? It is ! Let's understand it better with our guesses, when you see an ad in the newspaper is it Digital Marketing ? No, it's not ! why ? cause its not Digital. When you see an ad on my phone is it Digital Marketing? Yes, it is! why ? its Digital. Now, when you see an ad on a billboard is it Digital Marketing? Yes, it is! When I see a poster on a wall of building or street is it Digital Marketing? No, it's not! So what makes the difference between an ad poster on a wall and an ad on Billboard? A LED Light Emitting Diodes !
Billboards use LED’s and Its Digital Marketing!!
Many of you may not be aware of the fact that billboards ads come under Digital Marketing! Now that You are clear of what Digital Marketing , Let's go into it ! Did you know Digital Marketing is of two types? Offline Marketing And Online Marketing. Here comes a point to confuse you of Offline marketing. How can offline marketing be digital marketing ? Offline Marketing consists of marketing done through Electronic devices without the usage of the internet!

Radio Marketing :

The Digital Marketing that exists from ages is Radio Marketing. Guglielmo Marconi in 1896 invented “ Wireless transmission of signals ” i.e, a Radio and the first radio programme was aired in early 1900’s and the first radio commercial was aired in 1922. What do you think was the first Radio commercial ?
The first radio commercial aired in 1922 was for the Queensboro Corporation, an advertisement for a new complex in Jackson Heights, Queens, near the 7 subway line. Isn’t it fascinating ?
Over a period of 100 years, the Radio transmission has got better. A survey from Nielsen estimated about 65.2 people listen to radio each week and while travelling. Did You know, 93% listen to AM/FM radio over the airwaves ? But over the time the radio advertisements are not fascinating , people tune in radio for entertainment ! An entertaining advertisement may help but the impact may not last. Radio marketing does help , when to speak relevantly. If the Rj is with in a conversation with a health specialist then the advertisements related to health would be relevant. Also noticeable.
The best way to get a Visibility from the Radio is to sponsor!
I won a radio contest once and received 95 % discount voucher and obviously I rushed to the store and enjoyed shopping in fact, I visited the store couple of times after that. This shows the effectiveness of Radio sponsorship ! Otherwise, Radio is for entertainment and the loud horny ads do not work.

TV Marketing :

TV Marketing is another place where most of the marketers money is burnt ! The Mobile phones laptops and computers have already taken on television but an average person in America watches 4 hours of TV every day, while an Indian watches more than 6 hours! Imagine a Diabetic person watching a TV advertisement where the of a melted chocolate with nuts caramel ! Does it make sense ?
TV advertisements are not particular, they are unspecific ! You never know who is watching it and what ways it effects them ! Most of the TV ads have turned into YouTube ads !
Cost wise, You need to burn out a lot of money and you never know the results. While on the other hand, the YouTube videos are cheap and you know your viewers and you can also target them specifically. Around 200 $ billion companies that burn out money for TV ads every year is not justified !
Every average person educated or not uses YouTube, every 10th person has Netflix account in the United states ! So use the smarter way to project your ad smoothly on the best platform without spending a lot of bugs on it.

Remember Billboards?

How often do you notice Bill Boards while travelling or moving around the city? Have you ever used Billboards to remember the direction of any certain place? My school is the exact opposite lane of a Huge Domino's Billboard! Or how often you travel noticing Billboards advertisement ? hardly once or twice when your phone is dead and when you got a window seat. Does it fascinate you? Not Really !! Billboards come under offline Digital Marketing ! Mostly Billboards are Electronic.
Do you know the Times Square has Billboards with the largest value anywhere else in the world ? There is an huge competition between the marketers for the Billboards because of more than 30, 000 people visit the place everyday, and there are 80% of changes for the advertisements to get noticed.
But In India or any other place, what do you think is the effectiveness of a Bill Board? Many people invest huge amount on Billboards but are hardly noticed unless it’s a new place for you , and you live in the countryside then Bill Boards may fascinate you ! Billboards on Times Square may cost you $1,000,000 to $4,000,000 to retain it for a month. The Future of Billboards is almost over If you choose Billboard to advertise that may not be considered as a smart idea! But the marketers may get a visibility but will not affect the sales! Digital Product Demo’s : Have you ever entered an Apple showroom or Samsung showrooms to have a look at the gadgets? People Gaze over the new handy mobile phones or Laptops or Macbooks, this products demo in the Digital way comes under Offline Digital Marketing.
Or when you step into any Airtel or Idea service centre , You see an LCD with the top offers of prepaid postpaid or Broadband, where they demonstrate the internet speed for broadband connections ! Also, you find mobile phones of different brands that are displayed that you can take a look. You will find the same in shopping malls and other service centres that come under Digital product Demo Marketing.
Digital product sample marketing : Imagine you get a free game disc with play station, You become curious to find out what game it has, also when you clear all the rounds you buy the next version of it. when you buy a game or a music play set or a DVD player, You get a demo Disc with it. When you get a Demo Disc you can’t wait to throw into your Player to find what is in it. This is Digital product Sample Marketing! This is a trick, it depends on your product if you hand over a study material of a course to a student of or you give a cooking lessons disc to a housewife they would get back to you if they get impressed by the content in it.

We will give you an initial take to your business and you will be ruling over it.